• To promote professional development and competence among its members.
  • To institutionalize professionalism and ethical practice.
  • To preserve and enhance the social and moral stature of the profession.
  • To protect the rights and privileges of the members in their profession.
  • To promote general well-being of its members.
  • To provide infrastructure and resources for academic and career development programs.
  • To maunitain unity among Electronics and Communications professionals.
  • To increase membership and encourage the active participation of the members to the activities of the organization.
  • To recognize outstanding academic and professional achievements and contributions to the technical standards that affect the profession.
  • To validate complaints and assists affected parties for corrective measures against the violators of law, rules and regulations.
  • To cooperate, coordinate and assists government and non-government organizations in all matters relevant to the practices of the profession.
  • To exercise and safeguard the right to nominate candidates for the Board of Electronics and Communications Engineering from among its active members.
  • To initiate and participate in meaningful social, cultural and civic activities.
  • To develop and maintain harmonious relationship with international organizations.
  • To enhance public awareness about IECEP profession and disseminate the latest technological and regulatory information regarding their profession.


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